Little Red Riding Hood Cape

This little red riding hood cape is based on the free sewing pattern by Fleece Fun.  I didn’t have red fleece.  I had red wool crepe.  So that’s what I used.

The hood is lined with cotton broadcloth. Pressing it over a ham was a bit tricky. The hood is very full and the crepe likes to spring up. I topstitched around the hood after, to keep the lining from sliding around inside the hood. I also tacked the two together at the apex.

Red Riding Hood Cape Pressing Over Ham

I added a locker loop, so that the cape won’t spend as much time on the floor.

Red Riding Hood Cape Locker Loop

And here is red riding hood. I am temporarily very popular.

Red Riding Hood Cape Finished

The pattern was easy to download and follow. It is only three pieces. I adjusted the hood to be slightly shorter than drawn because I was about two inches short of having enough fabric for the longest pattern variation.  It still turned out to be a very full hood.  In fact, the pattern is of such a relaxed fit, that an adult could probably wear this cape.

I laid the pattern out so that the front edges of the cape would be on the selvedge edge.  I didn’t need to serge the edges to keep them from fraying.  The bottom of the cape is machine stitched, to prevent my little one from ripping it out.


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