Velveteen Dress for 18 inch Doll

I had a new Kanani, American Girl doll, a seven year old girl complaining that she and Kanani don’t have matching outfits, and a skirt that had belonged to my grandmother. The velveteen was in perfect condition, but the style was dated, not in a cute, vintage way.

I purchased a pattern from Liberty Jane Patterns. Frozen Hot Chocolate Sewing Pattern to the rescue!  It was $3.99, which monetarily is all I paid for the dress, since I already owned the fabric, and notions.  For the lining, I fished a shirt that had belonged to DH out of the donation pile.  Since I only needed 1/2 yard each for the lining and velveteen, I had plenty of fabric.

Kanani American Girl Velveteen Dress

I didn’t have to tape the paper pattern pieces together, since the doll is so small, just cut them out with paper scissors prior to placing them on the fabric.  But I did baste all of the seams, and then serge them to prevent the velveteen from unraveling. I should have used a walking or rolling foot to keep the velveteen from bunching and skewing the seams.  But I didn’t have one at the time.  (Denial, that I really didn’t need to ever quilt, or sew velveteen, or anything that requires perceived great effort.)

It is a nice pattern with step-by-step photos.  And a terrific way to recycle formal wear.

A’s dress came from Kohl’s.  She loathes tights.  And she wears fancy dresses as everyday wear as often as possible, hence the leggings.

Matching Girl Doll Dress Formal


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