Corduroy Jumper for Toddler

The project du jour is a jumper for DD2, McCall’s Sewing Pattern M6154. It’s purpose is to be warm, cute, and bust some fabric stash. To be fair it’s more project of the week, because having a two year old in the house means there is no way I can sew it up in an afternoon.  But I prefer to call it the project of the day.


The floral fabric is leftover from a vest disaster. I made a vest so horribly unflattering that I gave it away. It’s cute fabric though, and should prevent the grey -green corduroy from looking drab.

I had planned on using my brand new roller foot.  But I discovered that it doesn’t fit my machine.  I don’t know if I ordered the wrong part, or ordered the correct part, and was sent the wrong thing.  I’ll have to follow up on that later, and return it.  For today, I didn’t want to spend the scant amount of time during which my child behaves long enough for me to sew returning a part.  I used the walking foot, as advised by More Fabric Savvy.  I could look things up on the internet.  But I like to have actual book references for sewing so that I don’t get distracted by all of the shiny things on my netbook, like Facebook, and Pinterest, or ads that move and flash.


I used sew in interfacing. I’m sure the fusible interfacing will turn up now that I don’t need it.


The pocket instructions are convoluted. I gave up on them and marked the top fold line, snipped to it, and then sewed a casing.  Then, threaded the elastic through the casing, and attached at each end.  Then turned under the edges and stitched.  It was ridiculously time consuming. Before I could finish, my toddler was wanting to help. If the children don’t rave that the pockets are amazingly cute, I won’t make this style again.

I am not completing the sewing steps in order because I want to avoid repeated thread changes.  So far so good with that.

Tomorrow (I hope), gathering the bodice, and attaching it to the yoke.  Or something.


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