Girls Jumper Finally

This jumper pattern, McCall’s M6154, is so time consuming.

Every step requires multiple substeps. As I discussed previously with the pockets.  Same frustration level gathering the bodice, and preparing and attaching the yoke.

The bias tape on the armscye was the same number of steps as always, but with really thick fabric that needed to be carefully trimmed.  Although the pattern includes corduroy as one of the fabric recommendations; I think it was a bad choice.


The only tasks that were straightforward were attaching the pocket to the jumper, and the hem.

Attaching the Yoke

It did finally come out cute.  But my little model refuses to wear it.  I don’t know why.  While I was sewing it she kept saying, “It’s for me.  It’s cute.”

Corduroy Jumper Inside Out

Now she doesn’t like it. And refuses to keep it on long enough for me to photograph with her in it.  So, a flat photo it is.

Sewing Corduroy Jumper Completed


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