Fleece Pants for Toddler

As usual, my toddler needs new pants.  I used the Taylor’s Pajama Pants pattern by Create Kids Couture.  I used fleece, and made regular pants, not pajamas.

fleece pajama pants

The pattern printed out and fit together nicely.  I cannot speak to the efficacy of the instructions, because I didn’t read them.  I just verified that I should use a 5/8 inch seam allowance, and a self casing at the waist.

fleece pajama pants pattern

I laid a pair of pants that fit out on top of the sewing pattern.  Unsurprisingly, the pattern would need to be smaller to fit my child, smaller in width even than the 12 month size.  I also made the legs shorter, because as written they would have pooled around the ankles.  And my little person looses her mind if her pants are too long.  It’s as if she’s being attacked by ants, the way she carries on.

fleece pajama pants pattern alteration

I cut off about an inch on the pattern outer leg, and redrew the fold line.

I serged the inside seams.  And used a zig-zag stitch for the waist casing.  I didn’t bother to hem the pants, because fleece doesn’t ravel.  And, it’s likely that my child will only wear these pants for a month before it gets too warm to wear fleece.

I have a second pair of pants, in brown fleece, in progress.  I only needed 5/8 of a yard to make each pair of pants. And… I still have black and brown fleece left over from making my jackets.  The American Girl Doll might get to have a black fleece sweater or pants too.


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