Organize Sewing Patterns

I have been keeping my cut sewing patterns in gallon size ziploc bags.  It works.  But it isn’t an elegant solution.  The bags are sliding all over.  And I put them in a baby wipe carton.

So, I finally bought a box of file jackets.  And I’m putting the pattern instructions and pieces inside.  And printing a copy of the pattern cover and taping it to the outside. I prefer to print from a .pdf file, because those often have on one side, all the information that is on two sides of a pattern envelope – the yardage, line drawings, and photo. (But not so much this time.)

sewing patterns organize

When I use the pattern, I make a notation on the outside as to what size I’ve cut and what alterations have been made, along with the date. My example is from the fleece pants that I made earlier in the week.

I only have about six of my patterns set up this way.  But it’s working well so far.


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