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Closet Cleaning

Now that the children are in school I endeavor to purge the house of unnecessary items. And to catch up on all the maintenance. I had planned to go to Home Depot and buy paint supplies, then spot paint to make the house more presentable; until I have time to paint the entire house properly.

But instead, I feel sick. So I have stayed home to clean out the closet. Here is my reward.



Oh, I love when I get to have new shoes. It’s like they are new anyway. Because they have been in my closet waiting for my youngest child to be old enough that I do not need to carry her cranky self, fireman style over my shoulder out of a public place while she flails in full tantrum mode. I am finding that my desire to wear cute shoes is not working out very well, however. (The four year old does not cooperate. But, she is finally tall enough that I can reach her hand while wear heels.)

The other bonus to returning these shoes to the wearing rotation, is that I have broken them in already. I used to wear them out an about, and to work sometimes. So I don’t have to do the ridiculous walk around the house doing ordinary chores in heels routine. I realize that some people always wear heels, even while walking around at home doing chores. But I find myself needing to climb a ladder to clean the top of the cabinets and other activities which are unsuitable to heels.

I purchased two pairs of Rockport heels on clearance a month or two ago. And I have yet to break them in properly. One pair is booties, so they are more for Fall. But the other pair are cute crocodile stamped pumps. I took them to the dry cleaner and asked for rubber heel stops. And she gave them back to me the following week, unchanged, and said that the cobbler only had plastic. I am mystified by this. I have had many a plastic heel replaced with a grip-y rubber type of heel tip. And walking around my house in them without any traction is not going to work. We have laminate floors that are very slick.

I wore them to the T. J. Maxx, a store that seriously needs to rearrange the shoe department. Because if there is more than one person shopping in an aisle, it’s crowded and annoying. And this woman was glaring at me in a disdainful way, which is always somewhat amusing when the glaring person is wearing running shorts and a fake tan. Anyway, I’ve decided the main difference between nineteen dollar Rockport heels on clearance and the full priced ones that rarely go on sale is the rubber stopper. I need to find a cobbler. I am not coordinated enough to replace the heel tip without destroying my shoes, so no online ordering followed by do it yourself for this item.

I am using my own modification of the Fly Lady plan for the household cleaning. I love the Fly Lady. When I first moved into my house, I could not understand why when other people clean, the room sparkles. But when I cleaned, it looked better, but never perfect. So I checked out books from the library, purchased books and eventually downloaded the Fly Lady detailed cleaning lists. Finally, when I have to time to really clean every little bit of the house, it will actually sparkle. Blah, blah, blah. I am not affiliated with her site in any way – just a fan.

And now, I’m going back to cleaning the closet. There are treasures in there!