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Frozen Costume

How to Make a Frozen Costume out of stuff laying around your house.

Frozen Costume

Gather the following items:

  • A tutu dress. Blue if you can find it. Or any blue dress really. A tutu is just good because it’s ethereal looking.
  • Something to wear under the tutu dress. We own tights. But I prefer leggings, because why run your dance tights when you can be barefoot?
  • A cape. I made two of them, several months ago, when the theme was Red Riding Hood. We also had blue velveteen. Also, towels, scrap fabric or a tee shirt tied or safety pinned in front.
  • A tiara or crown. You can make one out of aluminum foil, cardboard, pipe cleaners or a headband. Mix it up with antennas.
  • A wand or sword. A spatula or other object that cannot be used as a weapon against the other princess.

Put all of it on your Frozen fan. Declare her Elsa or Anna (whatever color you used).

You can see that our costume is not anything like an exact movie replica. But it got the job done.


How to Clean Makeup Brushes

This is a very simple way to clean makeup brushes without making a mess. You will probably be appalled by how much makeup you had on your brushes.

how to clean makeup brushes soaking

  1. Reuse an empty container that has a lid, and is tall enough to hold your makeup brushes without crushing them. Clear is preferable to opaque. Wash the container and lid. I used an empty sunflower seed jar.
  2. Add dirty makeup brushes.  Do not crowd them.  If you need to, you can wash them in groups.
  3. Fill the container two thirds with warm water. Add a squirt of paraben and sulfate -free shampoo, or fill to top with vinegar.  Shake gently to clean.
  4. Allow to soak for fifteen minutes. Shake again.
  5. Pour out dirty water. Refresh with rinse water. Make sure the lid is on tight. Shake and repeat until water is clear.
  6. Lay brushes on a clean towel in the sun to dry. The ultraviolet light will help to disinfect them.

how to clean makeup brushes drying

Save the jar so that you can clean your brushes again next month.