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Girls Jumper Finally

This jumper pattern, McCall’s M6154, is so time consuming.

Every step requires multiple substeps. As I discussed previously with the pockets.  Same frustration level gathering the bodice, and preparing and attaching the yoke.

The bias tape on the armscye was the same number of steps as always, but with really thick fabric that needed to be carefully trimmed.  Although the pattern includes corduroy as one of the fabric recommendations; I think it was a bad choice.


The only tasks that were straightforward were attaching the pocket to the jumper, and the hem.

Attaching the Yoke

It did finally come out cute.  But my little model refuses to wear it.  I don’t know why.  While I was sewing it she kept saying, “It’s for me.  It’s cute.”

Corduroy Jumper Inside Out

Now she doesn’t like it. And refuses to keep it on long enough for me to photograph with her in it.  So, a flat photo it is.

Sewing Corduroy Jumper Completed


Memory Quilt Progress

The baby clothes quilt is getting closer to being finished.  The backing is on.  It’s crooked and wonkey.  But it’s on.  I should not have attempted to use flannel with any expectation of accuracy. But hey, I’ve reused a piece of cloth (or several); less strain on the environment.

Memory Quilt Sandwich

I machine quilted vertically, between every other column.  Then I machine quilted out from the center column horizontally above a few rows.  It isn’t perfect.  But since a wild child will be using the quilt, sturdiness is key.  Also, the wild child likes to untie quilts.

I made the bias tape myself, which takes, so, long. First cutting.

make bias tape toile fabric cutting

Then pressing.

make bias tape toile fabric pressing

But finally the binding made it’s way onto the quilt.

Quilt Safety Pins Binding

I was able to machine sew one binding edge onto the quilt.  Then, miraculously, I was able to hand stitch most of the rest of it on.  The miracle being that I went to a friends home without my toddler, and as such was able to sew without having to constantly shield the needle from stabbing myself or a small airborne mammal.

At home I finished the last bit of the binding.  I added some smaller squares strategically over mismatched corners, and attempted to tie the rest of the quilt.  I only tied in four places, which is not nearly enough.  Then I gave up.  I’ll have to update again after a long car ride, during which I can tie while the toddler is restrained in a five point harness.

I really like the hand sewing this time of year. I sit outside if it isn’t terribly windy with a nice warm quilt on my lap.  This is very motivating.