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Replacing Vogue Cardigan Sweater v2949

The Vogue Cardigan sweater, v2949, that I made in 2009 is wearing thin. And that is the purpose of yesterday’s Kwik Sew pattern downloading drama. Here’s the one I’m replacing.  It’s lightweight and machine washable.  Unfortunately, it is looking very tacky these days.

vogue pattern v2949 cardigan sweater

I considered using the Vogue pattern again. But I have a ready-to-wear cardigan from Coldwater Creek, that is slightly more fitted, and more flattering. The problem with that sweater is that it isn’t long enough in really cold weather. And it’s a silk blend fabric. So I have to wash it by hand and lay it flat to dry – not ideal with children in the house.  Also, I made both views of v2949 and liked the shorter one better, so far as the way it hangs on my body.  But it isn’t warm enough in the winter.  So I’m setting aside the Vogue pattern for the moment.

I found this sweater fabric at Joann’s.  It’s a rayon cotton blend, marled charcoal grey.  I took a chance and purchased it even though the pattern calls for a 58″ width fabric; because I’m not going to make the largest size.  And I won’t need to match stripes.  Hopefully, it won’t shrink width-wise.

My plan is to serge the edges and wash it on delicate and have it to sew no later than this weekend.  Wish me luck!

Sweater Knit Fabric