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Cotton Jersey Infinity Scarf

An infinity scarf made of cotton jersey is significantly different than one made with rayon tissue jersey. The cotton jersey rolls at the edges.

Cotton Jersey Knit

I tried pressing it on low heat, hoping to reduce the amount of rolling, without scorching the lycra.  But it didn’t work.  So I just serged the one seam slowly and tried to push out the rolled edge under the presser foot.

Infinity Scarf Cotton Jersey Rayon Jersey

The cotton jersey also shrank a lot from selvedge to selvedge.  It ended up being a much shorter infinity scarf loop than the rayon jersey.  The cotton is also stiffer, and will stay up as a hood.  Since it is shorter, it looks good simply place on the neck, or looped once.  The rayon jersey, I can wrap around my neck three times and wear like a soft turtleneck.

This will affect my fabric choices for Summer sewing.  I think the cotton will be better for tank tops.  And the rayon will look better for draped cardigans. Also, I will need to order extra fabric for any planned sewing with cotton jersey because it shrinks so much.

I ordered four Kwik Sew patterns from sewingpatterns.com, and have not received them, or any kind of status email.  That is disappointing.  But I think they will arrive eventually.  I Promise not to bore you to death with the same two patterns ad infinitum.

Also on my to sew wish list are fleece toddler pants.