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Reuse It Plastic Bag

Are you wondering what to do with all those weird little plastic envelopes that enclose sheets and sometimes underwear?  You can reuse them as containers for non-food items. They are especially handy if they have snaps, like the one shown below.

Reuseable plastic bag as a crayon container

Yes, this one has a warning not to allow children to play with it.  And I have filled it with crayons.  Only my older child, who is old enough not to put her head in it is allowed to use more than one crayon at a time.  The rest of the time it is safely tucked into a drawer.  And I get out one crayon at a time, for she-who-would-eat-crayons.

The larger plastic envelopes, that contain sheets and usually have zippers are great for organizing luggage, keeping in the car as wet bags (not completely waterproof), and organizing socks or doll shoes.