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When Decorating Goes Wrong

I had this plan to finally hang a curtain in the half bath, cafe style. So that light would come in. But there would be privacy. Rather than anyone who happened to be on the deck being able to see you pee.


Clearly that is not what happened. My ill conceived plan was that I would just get out this curtain rod, some hooks and a table runner that were languishing in the closet and make them into something useful. In ten minutes. While my children were sleeping.

But instead I realized the first curtain rod was actually not the mate for the brackets, but one of those that is supposed to hold a curtain that covers a glass door. But as it turns out, the curtain on the door that would use such a device mysteriously has no bottom sleeve and is hanging free. But it has the bottom brackets screwed into the door. The correct curtain rod, shown above, seems better suited to sheers. But I don’t have those. And I don’t have the lacy long runner thing that I thought I had that might look cute. I have this piece of canvas printed with a beef bourguignon recipe – this bull who represents dinner. And who is not long enough to act as a full length curtain, since I didn’t move the brackets. And who is in fact not giving a cool burlap, French General sort of look at all.

Also, bad lighting, and a swiffer contributing to my bad photography.

But hey, I found time to post! And tomorrow, I will have to locate something like an actual curtain, or maybe the missing table runner. Or just something not ridiculous.