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Downloading Kwik Sew 3721 from printsew.com

I thought I would save myself some time by downloading a Kwik Sew pattern, rather than waiting to pick one up when I go out to purchase fabric.  I could download it and read it while my toddler naps (a miracle) and arrive at the Joann’s knowing exactly what I need.

Not so much.  The monetary savings of downloading was small:  $1.00.  And although I’ve downloaded numerous other patterns, this one isn’t actually a download.  It’s more of a temporary printing permit.  In order to download, I had to follow a link to a secondary site, printsew.com, which did not arrive immediately.  It was then suggested that I use Firefox or Internet Explorer, and not to use Google Chrome.  (I typically use Opera.)

Fine, I launch Firefox, and… must install their plugin to get my pattern.  This takes several more minutes.  Finally, I enter the site, where I can allegedly change my password; but when I press reset  – since there is no other option that looks like it will change my account – I get a message saying that I have used up one of my three resets.  wtf?

I am allowed to print the download that I’ve purchased only on one computer and no more than three times.  I’m not allowed to download it at all.  I can’t just reprint one page if I screw it up when I’m trying to assemble and cut my pattern.

While printing the first of four sections of the pattern, my toddler wakes up.  I then have a toddler who wants to touch my keyboard and eat the pattern on my lap while the aroma of hot paper and toner wafts through the house. When I go to section two, the print icon disappears.  It only took a moment to get it back.  But by then I had a toddler trying to take all of the pages out of the paper bin.


Approximately 70 pages and 45 minutes later, I have my pattern which includes no size chart.  And since I’ve never used a Kwik Sew pattern for myself, an adult, I don’t know which of the sizes I need, and need to print yet another page with a size chart in order to extrapolate the necessary fabric yardage.

Needless to say, this was no kind of a bargain.  In the future I will just spend the extra dollar and pick one up from the Joann’s unless for some reason they’ve run out.

And I now I still need to assemble the pattern before I can cut it out.  Ugh.