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Quilt Top

Now that my youngest child is two, and I have resumed sewing, I can finish her baby clothes quilt. I started cutting out the blocks from her outgrown clothing about a year ago. Oddly enough they are quilt blocks cut from knits. It isn’t ideal for a quilt structure. But… Knits are what she wore.

Quilt Strips

I’m using the quilt pattern from Alicia Paulson’s book, Stitched in Time. Since the quilt will be fairly small, I’m going to repurpose a piece of toile for the backing.  The toile, which was once a drape, is a bit too narrow.  So I’m going to mount it directly to a piece of flannel, which will be the batting and show an inch or two at each side.  I’m so pleased to have another stash busting project.  I really love shopping for new fabrics.  But of course, I don’t want to have to store too many of them.

baby clothes quilt top

Now that I’m looking at the original photos of the baby clothes quilt that I made for my now eight year old, in 2009, I’m startled by how nice and neat it looked.  It’s really taken a beating in the past four years.  I’m so glad that it has been loved.

Memory Quilt

You can see where I repurposed the bear applique from a footie pajama to cover a crooked meeting of stretchy fabrics.

I apologize for the sorry photos.  My camera has decided to be unreliable.  And the camera on my phone just doesn’t take the best pictures.