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Infinity Scarf from Free Pattern

This was a fun project.  It was so fun I did it twice!  Simplicity has a free pattern for the infinity scarf.  I used a serger, with the jersey knit it was only one seam, and all finished. I like instant gratification, especially when it keeps me warm.

Infinity Scarf

Here’s a close up.  (Photos overexposed so that you can see the drape of the fabric.)

Infinity Scarf Detail

And, actually the first infinity scarf, I made from leftover sweater fabric.  So for that one, shown below, I serged one side, used the selvedge edge for the other side, and then serged the ends together. I like to wrap it three times so it forms a cowl when it’s windy outside.  I love that it doesn’t blow away like a regular scarf.

Infinity Scarf as Cowl