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Costume Jewelry Lampshade

So, your grandma left you a box full of costume jewelry.  It has no monetary value.  But you love it.  And it’s completely not your style.  The earrings are clip-on.  And the pins are weird and modern.  When you try them on your coats you look ridiculous.  What’s a crafty girl to do?

If she also left a random piece of pretty fabric, and a lamp with a rotted shade, you’re in luck.

how to cover a lampshade - fitted and embellished

How to Recover a Lampshade

  1. Remove the rotten lampshade fabric.
  2. Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the lampshade.  If the old fabric was intact, you can use it as a pattern.  This was not the case with my lampshade.  So I rolled the fabric around the frame wrong side out, marked the edges, and cut a seam allowance of three inches.
  3. Lay the fabric back on the frame and determine where you want the seam, mark it.
  4. Sew your seam.
  5. Place the fabric on the frame again.
  6. Fold the top edges down into the frame, trimming where necessary.  Use clothes pins to secure the fabric.
  7. Sew the shade fabric to the top part of the frame.
  8. Flip the shade upside down and repeat steps 6 and 7.
  9. Begin attaching jewelry to the shade.  I also used handkerchiefs.

Voila, grandmas costume jewelry is preserved for the next generation.  Or at least until my children manage to sneak into the bedroom and play dress up with it.

how to cover a lampshade - close up