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Holiday Dress in Velveteen and Silk

This is DD2’s holiday dress. I was able to finish it in time for Christmas.  In spite of my sewing it up in the 1T width, it is still pretty large, even with a white blouse underneath.  I used Butterick Pattern B4434, view D.

childs dress velveteen silk dupioni

Velveteen was not one of the recommended fabrics.  I happened to have velveteen.  So I hunted for an appropriate pattern and wasn’t able to find one with velveteen as a recommendation.  So I chose this Butterick Patten because it had very simple lines and no gathering.  It would have been cuter to use the view with slight gathering, because the skirt is silk dupioni (that I had left over from a friend’s wedding pillow).  But the silk skirt was a last minute change.  I had planned on making the entire dress in velveteen.

I also should have waited for my walking foot to arrive.  But I was ready to get on with the project.

childs dress velveteen silk dupioni

My grandmother always kept a box full of fancy buttons.  So whenever I make something for the girls that requires, or could be embellished by a button, I allow them to choose a button from the box.  Often they choose something that doesn’t seem to my adult sensibilities to match.  But I don’t really care about that.  I only care that they love it; and understand that it came from their great-grandmother.  In this case however, I think the sparkly button fits well with the dress.

Velvet and Silk Toddler Dress

My child is a terrible fit model.  She ran away with the dress and refused to take it off so that I could finish it and and help her to put a shirt on underneath.  I had to wrestle it off of her later to bundle her up so we could leave the house.  But at least here is an idea of how the dress looks on a human being.  I should still fit for Easter.