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Pattern Tracing

Today I traced a pattern for the first time ever.

Pattern Tracing Craft Paper

It was time.  I have bungled the cutting of my favorite pattern of late, Kwik Sew 3721.  I’ve made the cardigan three times.  Twice I intended to use view B, for a hip length cardigan.  But I cut out one piece at three quarter length, view A, instead.  This wastes a lot of fabric.  So, I finally purchased a roll of craft paper (kind of pricey) and tried the pattern tracing method explained by Kim at Ubercrafter.

I began by laying out the paper on top of the pattern to get the length I needed, as shown above.  Then I taped the two sheets together (24 in width), and flipped them over so I wouldn’t be drawing over tape.

Then I drew a line with sharpie across at the length for view B.  It did not seep through. So perhaps I have a different type of sharpie or thicker paper than Kim.  I marked on either side where the line should go.  Then I traced all the way around the rest of the pattern, picked it up and used a straight edge to get the hemline.

Pattern Tracing View B

Now I have the awkward many letter size sheets view A, and the two sheets of craft paper for view B.  This should prevent me from wasting more fabric when I want the shorter length, so long as I choose the right set of pattern pieces.


  • Use a straight edge as a guideline unless you have a very steady hand.
  • Flip your paper so you aren’t drawing over tape.  Then add more tape afterward, on top of your writing, if necessary.
  • Clean your straight edge with rubbing alcohol afterward so that you won’t get any permanent ink on your fabric in the future.
  • Label everything.